Why Bother with Stakeholders?

They aren't directly a buyer or a seller, so why should you bother to deal with stakeholders? Here's why:

Stakeholders are defined as everyone you invited to the party, plus everyone who invited themselves. Stakeholders can help you succeed. Stakeholders can also get in your way. 

In Sales Project Management, you'll use these steps:

  1. Make a list of sales project stakeholders. That list will grow as other people invite themselves to the party.
  2. Learn each stakeholder's influence and impact on your sales project.
  3. Learn each stakeholder's expectations. If you can meet their expectations, they might just become raving fans.
  4. Decide which stakeholders deserve which types of information.

At the end of the day, you'll build an army of supporters for your sales project.

Free: Introduction to Sales Projects

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What Could Go Wrong with Your Sales Efforts? Plenty! Here's How to Be Prepared

Before you begin your sales year, you cross your fingers and hope for the best. That is NOT risk management. If you don't deal with risk, it will bit you. Here's how to rest easier.

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Sales Pros Use Project Management, Make Millions. Film at Eleven.

Why should you, a sales professional, implement sales project management? The biggest reason: you'll make more money.

Sales project management gives you a structure. Use that structure to leverage your efforts. Here is the outcome:

  • Earn a bigger paycheck, because you
  • Reach more buyers, because you
  • Apply structure to leverage your efforts

Business Owners: Why Should You Implement Sales Projects?

You are busy enough already. Now, here comes this Mike Goss character, telling you that you should implement yet another sales tool. 

The reason: the structure to grow your business to the next level.

You need greater sales.

You already work hard all day.

Imagine what will happen when  you apply more structure to your activities.

  • You are more productive each day.
  • You close more sales, sooner.
  • Your company's revenue goes up.
  • Your personal income goes up.

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Are Sales Projects Good for Buyers? Why Does it Matter to Sellers?

The highest-paid sales professionals know that selling is a collaboration between the seller and the buyer. If your sales practices are good for buyers, what will it do for your paycheck?

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Why Bother to Implement Sales Project Management? How About More Money in Your Pocket?

Sales project management is the next wave in selling. It doesn't magically show up in your daily activities. You have to build the structure that will put more money in your pocket. It will be worth every minute of your time.

Don't Look Back - Look Ahead to Greater Sales

Do you spend time looking in the rear-view mirror , instead of looking ahead? Here's the cure.

The more time you spend looking back, the less time you have to look forward and close more sales. 

You look back because of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the FUD Factor. 

You can eliminate uncertainty by applying structure to your selling time. 

Sales Project Management gives you the structure you need to always be looking ahead.

What Kind of Goal is "Do Your Best?"

If you do your best to close sales throughout the year, how will you know if it's enough? When your instructions are, "Try hard, and do your best," what does that mean. 

In a construction project, a Project Charter states the purpose of the project, the due date, the funding amount, and the accountable person: the project manager.  Why wouldn't you apply this tool to  your sales project?

Your Sales Project Charter contains three points:

  1. Deliverable: your sales goal.
  2. Due Date: the end of your sales year.
  3. Accountable Person: guess who? It's you.

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How to Reduce Stress in Selling

Stress is an energy-killer. In sales, negative stress can lower your sales. Here is the cure:

Can You Really Make Money with Sales Project Management?

Blending sales with project management is new. It is the next wave in the sales profession. When sales reps, sales managers and small business owners learn about it, they all like the idea. At the same time, they all seem to have the same question: "Can I make more money by using sales project management?"

Here's the answer:

Why Storytelling Matters to Buyers

On my first visit after graduating from the corporate sales school, I began presenting my company's amazing features and benefits. I even had colorful brochures. My prospect was so bored that he leaned back in his chair, put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. 

My first thought was, "This guy obviously does not understand our selling process. What's wrong with him?" My second thought was, "No, what's wrong with you, Mike? It's his office, his company's money, and his decision. Get in sync with him, or go home." 

I asked questions. Based on his answers, I told stories. My stories offer him hope, to help him solve some of his operational problems.

Why do stories matter to buyers? To find out, click the video below:

The New Home for PMP Training

The Problem

Around the world, 80 percent of all project management job descriptions require the PMP® (Project Management Professional) credential. It is recognized internationally as proof that you know the best practices of the project management profession.

Searching for PMP® training is difficult. Training companies all over the world tell you their program is the best. They can't all be the best, can they?

The Solution

This week, I am launching a new web site dedicated to helping you pass your PMP® exam. The website is named PMP For You. You'll find it at www.pmpforyou.com

What You'll Find

  1. A blog (news) about the PMP® exam and related topics
  2. A description of the best blended learning program you'll find anywhere

Why It Matters

The better your training, the greater probability that you will pass your PMP® exam on the first try.

Check it out. See if it doesn't offer more for your success.

What Does the Storyteller Have That You Don't?

When my sales presentation was based on benefits and features, I closed a reasonable number of sales. 

When my sales presentation was based on stories of heroes achieving success using my products, I closed many more sales. And, I closed them at higher margins.

People love to hear stories. They identify with the Hero. They feel the Hero's pain when the Villain shows up and wrecks everything. They feel the Hero's success and triumph. They want to be like the hero, and you're going to help them do just that. 

Try my free storytelling course for salespeople. It's a perfect way for you to increase your income by attracting and serving more buyers.

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How Organized Are Your Sales Efforts?

It Happens

You work hard all day. At the end of the day, you have trouble listing your accomplishments. It happens to all of us at some time. 

The Cause

You are putting out fires all day long. Other people control your efforts. Chaos controls your efforts. 

The Solution: Organize Your Sales Efforts

When you treat  your sales goal as a project goal, things get better. You set goals. You establish milestones on your way. You create the activities necessary to achieve each milestone.

Your sales go up. Your margins go up. Your stress level goes down.

Here's How It Works

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