The Best Storyteller Wins. It's Your Turn.

Once upon a time, I was sitting in traffic court, waiting for my turn. I had received a $200 speeding ticket. I figured I had my normal two options:

  1. Mail a check for the full price of the ticket.
  2. Show up in court. Talk with the judge. Receive a discount.

Today was different. This judge was making everyone pay full list price. How unfair! If I had known I would be required to pay full price, I would have stayed home and mailed a check.

The judge called my name. I walked through the short, wooden gate and sat at the table. The judge read the charges. He asked, "How do you plead?" I answered, "Guilty as charged, sir."

The judge asked, "Is there anything you want to say before I pronounce judgement?" That was my chance. The judge seemed to be bored. I figured that if I could liven things up, he might give me a discount.

I told him a story. It was a story of my driving history, and how few tickets I have received in my many years of driving. I admitted my guilt, but I asked for mercy. 

I was the hero of my story. The judge imagined himself as the hero of the story. At the end of my story, I gave him the opportunity to be the hero by giving me a discount.  

I was the only person who told the judge a story. I was the only person who received a $100.00 discount. It only took sixty seconds.

Imagine what would happen if you presented your products within a story. Your story might take this sequence:

  1. Introduce the hero, and their pleasant surroundings.
  2. Introduce the villain, who gives the hero a problem to fix.
  3. Show the hero's journey as they discover your product.
  4. Show how the hero's problems are solved when they choose your product.
  5. Issue a call to action: ask the audience to achieve what the hero achieved, by doing what the hero did:  choosing your product.

The best storyteller wins. The best storytelling sales professional wins the highest sales volume.

Shouldn't that be you?  

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