How to Sell More by being More Organized

When I began selling, my boss gave me a sales goal. I had to achieve those results any way I could. 

The focus was only on results. Sales process was a different discussion that my boss didn't want to have.

In my next selling job, I received "sales training." The training was all about outsmarting the buyer, doing something that would force the buyer to give me the order. I couldn't imagine making a living by deceiving others. It was depressing. 

I began a journey of exploration and self-learning. I based my journey on a novel idea: selling should be about enriching the customer, not by deceiving them.

Many of my peers thought I had lost my mind. (Perhaps that's true, but it happened long before they noticed it.)

I found that by being more organized in my sales efforts, I could reach more prospects, sooner. Without giving it a name, I was turning my selling efforts into a project. My sales project had these characteristics:

  1. I had an annual sales goal. It was measurable. It had a due date. It was easy to see my progress during the year. It was easy to see if I achieved my goal at the end of the year.
  2. My daily chaos was reduced. To achieve my annual goal, I created milestones during the year. If I was achieving my milestones on time, I would be more likely to achieve my annual goal.
  3. I created a list of activities that would help me achieve each milestone. Each activity had a deliverable, a due date and an accountable person: me.
  4. I scheduled the start dates and due dates of my activities. I now had a project schedule for my entire sales year. 
  5. It was time to execute my plan. My list of activities, each with their own start date and due date, let me open my Franklin Day-Planner and schedule my week with confidence.

By turning my sales efforts into a sales project, I reaped these rewards:

  • I was more organized. Chaos went down. I didn't wake up at 3 AM, wondering if I was doing the right thing.
  • My sales increased dramatically, because I was using my time better.
  • I enriched the lives of more customers, sooner.
  • I was able to take more time off. I spent more time with my family, my hobbies, know the list.

I learned this valuable lesson: to sell more, turn your sales efforts into a project.

What about you? Would you like to learn how it works? Watch this blog for the details.