How to Fix Sales Training - Part 2

Sales Training is Broken

  • Most sales training events consist of canned, boring presentations.
  • The audience is not engaged. Snoring and smartphone usage are the rule.
  • 80% of learned skills are forgotten thirty days after the sales training event.
  • Three to four months after the event, it's as if the training never occurred.

Review of Part 1: Storytelling Skills

When you tell the right story, you touch hearts and minds. The right story causes buyers to take action. The right story offers to take buyers from "what is" to "what could be."

Part 2: Apply Storytelling to Your Selling Process

Imagine what happens when you apply the right story to each step of your selling process:

  • Stories for prospecting, to make suspects say, "Tell me more."
  • Stories for need-finding, to learn the buyer's overt and latent needs.
  • Stories for showing how the buyer is enriched by using your product.
  • Stories to handle objections, to remind the buyer of ways your product takes them to "what could be."
  • Stories to close the sale, the incidental step to reaching "what could be."
  • Stories to follow up.
  • Stories to show the need for cross-sales and up-sales.
  • Stories to seek referrals.

It's time to rise above your competitors by serving the buyers better. It's time to apply storytelling to your sales process.  

Where will you begin?