Why Do You Deserve to Be in Business in 2014?

It's All Talk

Everyone is starting to talk about what they'll do in 2014. Few people are talking about why they deserve to be in business in 2014. How about you?

Why Your Company Matters

Here are some questions to consider. Your answers will strengthen your resolve to win in 2014:

Question 1: How will your products make the world a better place? Whose lives will be enriched by your products? How will they be enriched?

Question 2: How will your sales methods and support services enrich the lives of your customers? How will you help them make the right product choices? How will you support your customers if something goes wrong?

Question 3: Considering your answers to the first two questions, why does the existence of your company make the world a better place?

Your answers will help you realize the unique reasons your company deserves to exist in 2014. Congratulations!