How to Fix Sales Training - Part 1

Sales Training is Broken

90 to 120 days after the sales training event, it's as if the event had never occurred.

The Number One reason for such a poor return on investment is that we aren't touching the hearts and minds of buyers. It's their money, and their decision. We haven't given them reasons that matter, so they don't act.

The Best Storyteller Wins

Whether you are delivering a sales presentation, explaining your driving to the judge, or running for office, The best storyteller wins.

The first part of the fix for sales training is effective storytelling. The right story will touch buyers' hearts and minds. The right story will cause buyers to take action.

The Story Structure is Simple

  1. Describe the buyer's current situation:  "what is."
  2. Offer to take the buyer to a higher place:  "what could be."
  3. Offer to take them to "what could be."

The story is not about you or your products. Your story is about the buyer. The buyer is the hero of your story. Your product becomes the "incidental essential" to achieving the buyer's success. 

That's why our sales training program begins with storytelling skills.

Imagine what happens when you apply storytelling to a sales presentation...