Did You Scrum Today?

You have a great plan for the new year. It has the right goals. It has the right milestone events. It even has the individual steps to your achievement. Congratulations.

How Will You Stay on Schedule?

Warning! Warning! Unless you check your progress regularly, you could lose your way. For example, you miss a due date for an individual step, so you decide to make it up tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives with its own surprises. The next thing you know, you have missed the due date for your next milestone event. Now, your entire sales project is in jeopardy.

There's a cure for that.

In the world of project management, a scrum is a daily team check-in meeting, usually the first meeting of the day. It only lasts a few minutes. Everyone usually stands during the scrum. Each person addresses three items:

  1. What I accomplished yesterday.
  2. What I will accomplish today.
  3. Anything that's standing in my way.

The scrum meeting lets everyone know where the team stands. If mid-course corrections are needed, they can be made almost immediately.

Start Now

Whether your team consists of you alone, or five other people, a scrum meeting will make you stronger. Why not have your first scrum right now?