Tiny Steps Cause Big Achievements

Here's the primary reason we don't achieve our goals: we try to bite off too much at once.

When we were children, we tried to eat a large portion of our favorite food in one bite. Our mothers gave us these instructions:

  1. Take one small bite.
  2. Chew it completely.
  3. Swallow it.
  4. Repeat, until your plate is empty.

Fast forward to the present. We're adults now, right? We're facing a goal. We find ourselves trying to accomplish the entire goal in one gigantic step. Big surprise: we don't succeed.

The key to achieving a goal is to remember our mothers' advice:

  1. Break the goal into a prioritized list of activities. Each activity has a deliverable, a due date and an accountable person.
  2. Work only on the next activity.
  3. Complete it.
  4. Repeat, until your goal has been achieved.

Now, call your mother and tell her she was right after all.