What Value Do You Offer to Help Others?

I was reading a James Wedmore post about value. It's a core topic of Sales Project Management.

Your audience will not buy your greatness. They will buy what your greatness does for them. You can have a long line of abbreviations and acronyms after your name, but it won't mean anything unless you can help your audience accomplish something. 

Example: You have a flat tire. You're at the side of the road. It's raining hard. You've never changed a tire. A car stops behind you. A young man gets out and offers to help you change your tire. Do you ask him for his resume? Do you care if he is a degreed engineer or a high-school drop-out? No. His value to you is not his education or the book's he's read. His value to you is his willingness to help.

When you lay out the activities in your sales project, are they designed to show off your greatness, or are they designed to enrich your customers?

When you compose your sales message, do you talk about you, or do you talk about your buyers' needs and how you'll help them?

Make each of your Sales Project Management activities about enriching your customers. They'll be better off, and so will you.