Three Components to Supercharge Your Sales Training Program

For decades, sales professionals and sales teams have sought additional training to improve their performance.  

This week, I realized what was missing. I could have kicked myself for not seeing it sooner. The components were right in front of me. I have used each component successfully, but I'd never considered combining them. 

When I combined these powerful components into one system, I realized the explosive potential of their combination.  

Here are the three components that will supercharge the success of any sales professional or sales team: 

  1.  Sales Training. It doesn't seem spectacular, because it's always offered all by itself as the total solution to growing sales. Even if it's done well, it's only one-third of the answer.
  2.  Storytelling Training . When you tell a story effectively, you can move mountains. Why not be the expert storyteller who explains why the buyer needs your products and services?
  3. Project Management . Until now, the project management profession was not acquainted with the sales profession. I have introduced them successfully. When you apply the principles of project management to achieving your sales goal, you help ensure that all the necessary steps to success are completed on time. You break your year down to a series of milestone events. Each milestone has a deliverable, a due date and an accountable person. Each milestone is comprised of steps. Each step has a deliverable, a due date and an accountable person. When you complete the steps on time, you guarantee that the milestones are completed on time. When the milestones are completed on time, you guarantee a successful sales project.

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