Sales Growth Requires More Than Selling Harder

How Much Is Really Needed to Grow Your Sales?

I was recently asked this question by Bob, a sales rep:  "To grow my sales, all I have to do is sell harder. More phone calls. More emails. The three parts you offer won't help me. I don't need storytelling, I've had all the sales training I'll ever need, and project management just makes things more complicated. I'll do more of what I already do, and I'll be fine."

Bob voiced some valid concerns. He has seen countless get-rich-quick sales training courses. He's had enough. He just wants to sell his products, pick up his paycheck and go home.

Bob's Answers Tell the Story

I responded by asking Bob a few direct questions.


Question 1: Bob, do you have annual sales goals?

Bob stated that he had annual sales goals.

Question 2: Do you believe that buyers can be affected by an emotional story?

Bob thought about it for a moment. He said, "Well, I guess they can be affected."

Question 3: Do you believe that the best storyteller wins, even in sales?

Bob shrugged and said, "I guess they do. Perhaps I should learn how to be the best storyteller."

Sales Training

Question 1: Bob, do you believe you could close more deals if we fine-tuned your excellent selling skills, to make you even more successful?

Bob thought about it again, and said, "Yes."

Question 2: If we made the sales training event more like a rock concert, would you pay more attention?

Bob replied, "Yes, the excitement and the anticipation would keep me awake."

Question 3: If we surveyed your skills, and asked you for topics, would that help the content of the event?

Bob's answer was, "Of course. If I helped create it, I'll certainly pay attention."

Sales Project Management

This was the component that Bob felt was useless.

Question 1: Bob, would your sales be greater if there were multiple sales campaigns and multiple selling skills refreshers, each starting at a different time throughout the year?

Bob's answer was, "Of course, but that's not how we do it today."

Question 2: Is anyone managing your progress throughout the year?

Bob relied, "We track results, but that's it."

Question 3: If you planned your major activities in advance, and then managed them throughout the year, wouldn't your sales be greater?

Bob thought about it for a moment. He said, "OK, I see how project management can help me close more sales."


Selling harder is a brute-force way to increase sales. It isn't sustainable.

Selling smarter, with the three tools described above, yields much greater sales. And, it's sustainable year after year.

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