Grow Your Business with Events

The Power of an Event

People thirst for information that can help them increase revenue. They read books and articles. They read online newsletters and blogs. They are waiting to hear from you.

What if you delivered your useful information in the form of an event? Whether it's in person  or online, your event can quench their thirst for information. Your event can offer hope, motivation and ideas for enrichment.

If your audience tries one new idea from your event, and they succeed with it, they win and you win. They grow their business, and you get the credit for supplying the idea. You are well on your way to becoming their Trusted Advisor.


For nearly four years, I produced "Business Building After Hours" seminars for a financial institution in the Portland metro area. Different branches sponsored each event at a venue near their branch. The branch team invited local business owners. The content consisted of marketing, sales and leadership topics. We delivered the content with multi-media presentations, group discussions, case studies and business problem-solving.

We always increased deposits and loan applications within a few days after the seminar. It was so successful that some branches produced multiple business-building events.

Event Structure

Successful events don't just happen. They have a structure.

  • Set goals for the outcomes of the event, for you and for the audience.
  • Determine the audience needs that will be met by your event.
  • Plan the content.
  • Plan the pre-event promotion and the post-event follow-up activities.

If this looks a lot like a project, take a bow. That's exactly what it is. With event project management, you won't merely let the results happen; you'll make them happen.

Event Production

Who should produce your event?

You already have the content ideas. If you have the capacity in-house, then you can produce your own event. Warning: don't assume that if a topic is interesting to you, it must be appealing to your audience. Make sure your perspective and content is driven by the needs of your target customers.

An outside consultant or speaker can help you two ways:

  1. The credibility and expertise of a third party appeals to your audience.
  2. An outside party will bring new insights and ideas to your event.

Start Today

Use the steps I listed above. Enchant more prospects, and win more sales.

Goss Consulting produces seminars and webinars that can enrich your team and "wow" your prospects. Topics include:

  • "Business-Building After Hours," to help you grow your business.
  • "Storyselling," a sales training program based on a universal law: The Best Storyteller Wins.
  • "Sales Project Mangement," applying project management techniques to achieving your sales goal.

For more details, call Mike Goss at 503-459-6778.

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