Make More Money by Learning to Be the Best Storyteller

Salespeople are still evolving.

Part 1, the Jurassic Sales Period

65 million years ago, your sales toolkit consisted of a big wooden club. Prospecting consisted of running faster than your buyers, so you could stop them. There were no sales objections while you were swinging your club. Closing was least until you turned your back.

Part 2, the Roaring 20th and 21st Centuries

Your sales toolkit consists of (a) shiny brochures and (b) a calculator. The shiny brochures are filled with colorful pictures accented by lists of features and benefits. The calculator is used to see how much money you can give away when the buyer isn't impressed with your brochures, features and benefits.

Part 3, Your Future in Selling: Buyers Want to Live

Buyers don't want to be lulled into a coma with your features and benefits. Buyers want to live! They need stories, and you need to deliver those stories.

Stories capture our imagination. Stories make us want to be like the hero. Stories motivate us to take action. 

When you are the best storyteller, you close more sales. You increase your margins. You enrich the lives of more buyers, sooner.

Learn to Be the Winner in Sales, with Stories

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