Are You Relevant to Your Customers?

The Importance of Being Relevant

Do you have to be relevant to your customers?

Let's re-word that question: do you have to sell your products? No relevance = no sale.

Your customers buy from you because you help them meet their needs:

  • Help them relieve their pain.
  • Help them achieve a goal.
  • Help them reduce their fear, their risk.

Your relevance to them is based on how much you can help them. If you aren't relevant, there's no reason for them to buy from you.

How You Can Always Be Relevant

First, define who you serve.

Are your customers defined by their industry? By their geography? By their age or education? Scribble out a brief but specific profile of your target customers.

Next, document their needs.

Observe them. Interview them. What bothers them? What goals are they striving to achieve? What is blocking their way? What are their unmet needs? Which of those needs can you meet?

Third, list the ways you will meet their needs.

How does your product or service give  them exactly what they want? Type your answer in bold letters. Print it out. Make a sign out of it. Hang it on the wall so you'll see it throughout the day.

Read your sign before you communicate with your prospects. Confirm their needs, then offer your help. Ask for their acceptance. Then, ask them to commit.

The more relevant you are, the more sales you will close. Let's roll.