A Picture of the Future of Selling

When you offer a game-changing sales program, what graphic do you create to explain it? I've tried pictures of the ocean, the moon, office buildings and shaking hands. None of them worked. 

Eureka! I found it!

How to get organized, sell more and save time.

How to get organized, sell more and save time.

Here are each of the three components:

  • Storytelling is needed because "the best storyteller wins." The best storytelling salesperson will capture the greatest number of hearts and minds of the buyers.
  • Selling Skills are needed to effectively attract buyers, learn their needs, present the right solution, lead them to commitment, and follow up. 
  • Project Management gives you the power to make your sales year happen, not just let it happen.

All three components enhance each other. If you remove just one component, your results will go down by at least 50 percent.

Welcome to the future of sales!

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