Win More Sales by Following the Buyer's Process

Why Aren't They Buying?

Your product meets the buyer's needs. They already know this, because you told them. Yet they haven't placed their order. What's wrong with them?

You have your sales process. Did you know that the buyer has their own purchasing process? What if your selling process doesn't sync up with their buying process? It's the buyer's money, and it's the buyer's decision. Get in sync with their buying process or go home.

The Buyer's 5-Step Process

Buyers talk to themselves before they make a purchase. They make these statements at each stage of their buying process:

  1. Yes, I have a need.
  2. Yes, your product meets my need.
  3. Yes, you are the right seller of the product that meets my needs.
  4. Yes, your price is right. The value I perceive is greater than your price.
  5. Yes, now is the time to buy.

A Recipe for Success

To be in sync with the buyer, your sales process much include these major points:

  1. You have a need. Let's estimate the dollar value of that need, of that pain.
  2. My product meets your need and takes away your pain.
  3. I am qualified to offer and support the product that meets your need and relieves your pain.
  4. My price is fair, and the value you will receive is much higher than my price.
  5. Delaying your decision will only cause more pain. Buy now, to solve your problem.

Make the Adjustments Today

Review your sales process, to make sure it follows the five steps listed above. The more you respect the buyer's process, the more sales you will close.