Why People Buy, and Why It Matters

You sell the best products and services. As soon as your prospects see them, they should get out their pen and their checkbook. Right? 

That may happen on the planet Zargon, but it doesn't happen here, Earthling. This article will show you how to get ahead of your competitors by addressing why people buy.

Why People Buy

We all buy for selfish reasons, usually to relieve some kind of pain. We can't help ourselves. It's in our DNA. Here are three types of pain:

  1. Physical pain. They buy products and services to make their pain go away. They purchase aspirin, bandages and doctor visits for this reason.
  2. Emotional pain. They buy gifts to say, "I'm sorry." How many husbands have purchased flowers, candy or other gifts for this reason?
  3. Intellectual pain. They are looking for something better. People buy books and CDs. They buy tickets to conferences. They buy the newest machines and tools. They make these purchases to "get ahead."

Why It Matters



For the buyer's pain, your product is the bandage. When you know why a buyer is considering a purchase, then you'll know how to present your product as the best solution. Let's use the previous examples:

  1. Relieving the Physical Pain: "Our new pain medication dulls the pain almost instantly, while keeping you alert at all times."
  2. Relieving the Emotional Pain: "Our special chocolate gift packs deliver the feeling that words can't describe."
  3. Relieving the Intellectual Pain: "Here is the future of ______, customized just for you."  

How to Get Started

The seller who understands and addresses "why people buy" will always be busy. Here's how you can be that seller:

Step 1: Write down all the reasons why your customers buy;

  • Physical pains
  • Emotional pains
  • Intellectual pains

Step 2: Beside each type of buyer pain, describe how your products and services make those pains go away.

Step 3: Write your solutions into your ads, flyers, email blasts and presentation plans.

Be the "doctor of pain removal." Offer the tools that make the pain go away, and close the sale.

Happy doctoring!