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Why It Matters

As a sales professional or business owner, you want three things from your sales efforts:

  1. Get more organized.
  2. Increase your sales.
  3. Go home earlier.

The Story

Here's the story of how I created "The Ultimate Sales Program.

I have been a sales rep and a sales manager for over for decades. I knew the value of a plan. When I created a goal, my sales performance improved. When I created milestone events on the way to my goal, my sales performance improved. When I planned, executed and monitored individual activities, my sales performance improved. As I trained to become certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), I knew it was time for project management principles to show up in the sales department.

Next, I tackled the wasteful and expensive problem of sales training events. Over $20 Billion is spent each year on sales training. Within a few months, it's as if the training event never happened. Two factors cause this problem:

  • Content is not relevant to the audience (your sales reps).
  • Reinforcement of content, before and after the event, was missing.

As a sales trainer, I found that when I personalized sales training content to my sales reps' daily work, their performance improved. When I prepared my sales reps for a training event with teasers, case studies and other activities, their performance improved. When I followed the sales training event with content-rich reminders, case studies, and success stories, their performance improved. 

Finally, I explored reasons why a technically-proficient sales rep had difficulty through most of the steps of their sales process. One common denominator emerged: if they weren't able to touch the hearts and minds of the buyers, their technical knowledge and their skill sets didn't matter. I realized a universal truth: The Best Storyteller Wins." This truth works throughout the sales process:

  • The best storyteller finds more prospects who say, "Tell me more."
  • The best storyteller learns the buyers' hot buttons sooner.
  • The best storyteller makes the best presentations.
  • The best storyteller handles objections better and sooner.
  • The best storyteller closes more deals.
  • The best storyteller wins more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • The best storyteller earns more referrals.

The Power of Combining All Three Tools

Each of the three tools works. Project management works. Sales training works. Storytelling works. What happens when you combine all three tools into a single, integrated sales program? Think rockets to outer space.

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