Sell More by Serving a Cause

A Cause Earns More Attention Than Your Products

Think of charitable causes. Which ones come to mind?

  • Cure cancer
  • Prevent childhood obesity
  • Stop smoking
  • Eliminate poverty
  • Others...

We will donate time and money to support these and many other causes, because they matter.

Your Products Serve a Cause

Don't your products matter, also? Don't they serve a cause?

  • The furnace you sell, that saves energy. It helps reduce your customers' utility bills.
  • The car you sell, with the highest highway crash rating. It protects your customers and their families.
  • The elevator maintenance contract you sell, that helps ensure greater reliability, happier tenants and greater revenues for the building manager.

In each of the examples, a cause is being served. To sell more, first present the cause you are serving:

  • Saving money.
  • Saving lives.
  • Increasing revenues.

Then, present your product as the tool that serves the cause.

How to Begin

Get out a piece of paper. Write down three ways your products make the world a better place, for your customers and for society at large. Then, craft truthful marketing and sales messages about the causes you serve.

Watch your sales increase because of the causes you serve.