How to Succeed Today

How's Your Plan Coming Along?

We are all planners to some degree. Many of us are great planners. We make plans to cover almost everything:

  • Product development plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Sales plans
  • Delivery and implementation plans
  • Risk management plans
  • ...and the list goes on

Danger! Danger!

Many of those plans will be essential to your success. There's only one potential problem: some of us never get around to executing our plans.

Seth Godin says that if all you do is plan, you're hiding. It's time to stop planning and start executing. How valuable is your plan if you never execute it?

How to Balance Planning and Executing

When you allocate twenty percent of your time to planning, and eighty percent of your time to execution, you'll soar past your competitors. I arrived at that ratio by looking at my work week:

  • Weekly Plan: If I plan all day Monday (20% of my week), then I should be able to execute Tuesday through Friday (80% of my week). The weekly plan works well for road warriors. They massage their plan and do paperwork at the office one day a week. They spend the rest of the week in the field.
  • Daily Plan: If I plan and monitor my activities for 1.5 hours each day (19% of my week), then I should be able to execute for 6.5 hours each day (81% of my week). The daily plan works best for people who work from their office every day. 

Life will interfere with either plan. However, you have a target. Over time, you'll make the hours balance.

Start Now

Decide if the weekly plan or the daily plan works best for you. Write down your weekly schedule. Employ your personal discipline to keep that schedule, and watch your sales soar!

Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." There's nothing in between.

Choose to make every day of your life a daring adventure.

I wish you uncommon success.

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