How to Solve a $20 Billion Problem

The Problem

According to the American Society of Training and Development, $20 billion is spent on sales training each year.

Unfortunately, much of that money is wasted. The content is bland. The audience falls asleep or spends the time texting. They aren't engaged, because the content is more about the speaker than the audience.

The Solution

Remember when you were in the classroom? If your teacher presented material that you found boring, you disengaged. If your teacher focused on you, you paid attention. If your teacher offered you knowledge about an interesting topic, you paid attention.

The key to learning is engagement.

It's the same way in a sales training event. When the presenter offers ways for the audience to reach more prospects and close more sales, the audience pays attention. After all, the content offers ways for the audience to succeed.

The Moral

If you are the teacher, seek to learn the needs of your audience. Present the content they need, but make it about them, about solving their problems.

If you are the student, help the teacher realize your needs. Help the teacher prepare content that will enrich you and keep you engaged.

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