Have You Hit a Wall? Here's How to Break Through

The Wall Keeps You From Succeeding

As you work towards a goal, you will eventually hit a wall. You'll know you've hit it when you can no longer move forward towards your goal. Sometimes the stop is sudden. Sometimes the stop is gradual. 

What Causes the Wall?

Walls can be tangible, such as physical walls, fences or borders. Some walls are intangible, such as laws or attitudes.

Ninety percent of the walls we face are made of fear.

A Simple Choice

We deal with the walls in our lives by making a choice:

  1. Give up. Decide that what you have in life is good enough. Don't exert yourself. It's too difficult. It's too risky. You might fail. If you fail, it might be embarrassing. 
  2. Find a way to break through your wall, and claim the treasures on the other side.

If you chose Option 1, please leave this page. I have nothing here for you.

If you chose Option 2, get ready to enrich your life, and the lives of those around you.

How to Break Through

I developed this process in 2003, while I was studying for my Certified Coach credential. Every time I use it, it helps me break through:

Step 1: State Your Goal

Write down your goal. What must you accomplish? By what due date?

Step 2: Define Your Wall

What is standing in your way? What is preventing you from achieving your goal? Study the nature of the wall. Is it tangible? Is it intangible? What is its essence.

Walls are never perfect. When you learn the essence of your wall, you'll discover its weak spots.

Step 3: Make Your Plan

Using what you know about the essence of the wall, write a step-by-step plan to break through. A little project management could go a long way.

Step 4: Execute Your Plan

As you execute your plan, monitor your progress. Your plan will have a hole or two here and there. As you find them, fix them on the way.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Success

Because you took a systematic approach to breaking through your wall, chances are that you broke all the way through. It's time to celebrate! I recommend equal parts of Chili Cheeze Fritos and M&M Peanuts.

Life is richer when you break through your walls. I wish you well on your journey. 


To show how the five steps work, I wrote a novel titled Breaking Through Walls. I think you'll enjoy it. Click Here to learn more about it.