Are You Letting It Happen, or Making It Happen?

A Lofty Goal

Mary has a goal for her new consulting business. She works from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM each day, to grow her business. She figures that if she will just throw enough hours at it, her success will be guaranteed.

Poor Results

Three months have passed. Mary has achieved less than one-tenth of the revenue she needs. At this rate, she will never hit her goal. If this goes on much longer, She will be forced to close down and seek a job elsewhere.

What's the Problem?

Mary delivers great consulting services. All of her (three) clients are raving fans. The problem is that Mary is letting her revenue happen. She should be making it happen. 

Make It Happen with a Project

Mary's mentor showed her how to turn her sales goal into the goal of a project. She followed the principles of project management:

  1. Mary wrote down her goals. Each goal had a deliverable, a due date and an accountable person.
  2. She assessed her risks. How many ways could the project go wrong? She wrote the steps necessary to prevent each risk factor. Then, in case prevention didn't work, she wrote the steps necessary to mitigate the risk if it happened.
  3. Mary wrote the milestone events that would occur throughout the year. For each milestone, she wrote the deliverable, the due date and the accountable person.
  4. She wrote the steps necessary to achieve each milestone. Each step had its own deliverable, due date and accountable person.

Mary focused on achieving each step on time. When she completed each step on time, she guaranteed that she would complete each milestone on time. When she completed each milestone on time, she guaranteed the project would be completed on time.

For the first time in her career, Mary was making her revenue happen. She was no longer letting it happen. Mary had a system for success.


Mary achieved her sales goal. It was much easier than she expected. She said it was almost like turning a crank and generating sales.

Your Challenge

Regardless of the nature of your goal, doesn't it need a little more structure? Turn your goal into the goal of a project. Plan and execute your uncommon success.