Sales Storytelling Bonus Tip #4 - Recap and Next Step


You have learned much about sales storytelling

Here are the tips you've learned so far:

  • Tip #1: focus on the buyer's needs, not yours
  • Tip #2: compelling stories have a structure
  • Tip #3: use stories throughout our selling process

The Challenge: What to Do Next

What will you do with the tips you've learned? Will you apply them, or will you let them drift away without helping you increase your sales and profits?

I'm Your Guide

 Mike Goss, PMP, DTM

Mike Goss, PMP, DTM

I've been in your shoes. In the past, I've learned enormous amounts of information, without learning how to apply it to my life. I found the difference between the fact-dispersal programs and the real-life application programs, and I want to share it with you.

The difference is practical application to your sales activities. That's what the next step is about.

My experience includes:

  • Successful sales rep, sales manager and sales trainer
  • Member, Portland Storytellers Guild
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (50+ evaluated speeches, most including stories)

the next step

My mobile course, "Sales Storytelling Essentials" will dive deeper into the art and science of sales storytelling.

You'll learn with these tools:

  • Video clips
  • Text
  • Audio clips
  • Quizzes and exercises


You'll close more sales, at higher margins, because you'll motivate more buyers at every stage of your sales process. 

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