Sales Project Management Tip #3 - How to Manage Change in Your Sales Project


You Want Your Sales Activities to Stay on Track

They should be achieved on time, within budget. You've made a good sales project plan. You know that if you follow the plan, you'll succeed. 

Then, Change shows up

How many times has an influential person in your organization asked you to make a change in your sales activities, without announcing or documenting it. These statements come to mind:

  • "We're right behind you."
  • "What could possibly go wrong?"
  • "I do not recall saying that."

One of the biggest risks in any project is change. It seems like everyone wants you to make major changes in the middle of the project, without paying for the change or documenting it.

Stakeholders are usually the worst offenders. Customers come in a close second. 

The Solution: Change Management

The key to managing change is to make it transparent to all.

How It Works

  1. The requester fills out your standard Change Request Form. That gives everyone a level playing field.
  2. As sales project manager, you'll add your comments regarding the feasibility of the change request, along with the estimated changes in Scope, Schedule and Budget if the change is approved. 
  3. You and your boss will form the core of the Change Control Board. You'll meet to consider the change request. You'll consider the impact on your sales project's Scope, Schedule and Budget.
  4. The Board issues their decision in writing, along with their rationale. It is communicated to the requester, with appreciation for submitting the change request.

Outcome: You Win

  • You remain in control of your sales project, and it proceeds according to plan.
  • The requester feels appreciated. They and their friends will continue to offer good ideas in the form of Change Requests.
  • The project's Scope, Schedule and Budget is protected.

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