Sales Project Management Tip #2 - The Structure of Your Sales Project


In a Perfect World, You'll Achieve Your Sales and Profit Goals

The process would go something like this:

  1. Receive your sales and profit goals.
  2. Work hard all year long.
  3. Achieve your sales and profit goals.
  4. Celebrate
  5. Repeat

Walls are in the Way

Life happens. You work hard all day, every of the sales year. But you don't reach your goals for a variety of reasons:

  • Buyers change their minds.
  • Competitors release new models and new pricing.
  • The economy changes
  • ...and the list goes on

The Solution: Sales Meets Structure

It's easier than you think. You'll perform the right activities, at the right time. You'll use the same principles of project management that are used by builders, engineers and software developers. You'll succeed with the structure of Sales Project Management.

I'm Your Guide

I've been there. I know how it feels. I found the solution, and I want to share it with you.

I'm qualified to show you the way:

  • Sales rep and sales trainer
  • Project manager
  • College teacher and corporate trainer

How to Get Started: The Process Groups of a Sales Project

To help you visualize it, here is an overview:

  1. Initiating: formalizing your sales and profit goals, and their due dates, in writing
  2. Planning: establishing the activities, resources and timing of the activities that will achieve your sales goal
  3. Executing:  following your activity plan, schedule and budget
  4. Monitoring & Controlling: comparing planned to actual performance, and making changes if necessary
  5. Closing: formally completing the project, holding a lessons-learned meeting, and celebrating

This is the structure that contractors use to complete an office tower. It's the structure that software developers use to deliver products on tight deadlines. And it's the structure that  you'll use to achieve your sales and profit goals, on time and within budget.

What's Next?

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