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Projects That Succeed

Project Success Training, and PMP® Certification Training

Successful Projects are Everyone's Responsibility

Imagine each of your projects coming in on time, within budget. Imagine that your employer, your customers and your teammates are so happy they want to throw a parade for you.

Today, only 1/3 of all Projects Achieve their Objectives

Another 1/3 are in trouble.

The final 1/3 have failed, and their costs cannot be recovered.

You can be the go-to person, the one who leads your projects to success.

Two Roads to Project Success

- Training to deliver successful projects, regardless of your role

- Training to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

I'm Your Guide

I've been in your shoes. I'll show you how to succeed on both fronts:

- Successful project manager

- Effective PMP exam prep trainer

- Speaker, author, coach

Take the First Step

Start by choosing your most pressing need: successful projects, or passing your PMP exam:


Secrets to Passing Your PMP® Exam

Your PMP credential will open doors. It's a difficult exam. Learn the secrets that help more people pass on their first attempt.

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Keys to Successful Projects

Regardless of your role, learn the people skills and management skills that turn "average" or "troubled" projects into success stories.