Project Excellence Bonus Tip #4 - What Lies Ahead


Recap: Here's what you've learned so far

  1. Set a goal, create a grand vision, and invite others on your quest.
  2. Break your Deliverable down into sub-assemblies. When you finish all of the sub-assemblies, you have finished the project.
  3. Manage stakeholder expectations by asking them, and then by explaining how you can meet them on today's project and perhaps on future projects.

You're off to a good start!

Your Challenge: To Deliver More, Learn More

Project excellence is a high-stakes pursuit. If you're the person leading project excellence, you're the person who will be first to be offered new opportunities.

I'm your guide

 Mike Goss, PMP, DTM

Mike Goss, PMP, DTM

  • PMP since 2011
  • PMP trainer since 2014
  • Extensive project experience
  • College instructor

How It Works

I'll show you how to dive deeper into project excellence, to be the go-to person who's offered more opportunities. My course, "Pillars of Project Excellence," is a comprehensive mobile course, delivered in easy-to-learn lessons.

learn where you want, when you want

  • Your device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
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course Content

First, you'll learn the five pillars of project excellence:

  1. Project initiation excellence
  2. Project planning excellence
  3. Project execution excellence
  4. Project monitoring & controlling excellence
  5. Project closing excellence

Within those pillars, you'll learn the knowledge areas you must manage:

  1. How to integrate the project knowledge needed for pillar #2, project planning excellence
  2. The scope of your project; what you'll deliver, and what you won't deliver
  3. The schedule; how you'll set the schedule, and how you'll manage it
  4. The budget; how you'll estimate it, and how you'll manage it
  5. Quality; how you'll define it and manage it
  6. Resources; how you'll estimate them, use them and release them
  7. Communications; how'll you'll make sure everyone sends and receives the information they need to complete the project
  8. Risk; how you'll define risk factors, develop prevention and mitigation plans, and manage their occurrence
  9. Procurement; how you'll acquire and manage the labor, materials and subcontracted work you'll need
  10. Stakeholders; how to identify them and manage their expectations

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