Project Excellence Tip #3 - Keep Your Stakeholders Happy


in a perfect world, everyone would be behind your project from the first day

All of your project's stakeholders would be raving fans. They would willingly do everything they can to make your project successful.

your challenge: meeting stakeholder expectations

Stakeholders have a funny way of setting their own expectations. You can leave stakeholder expectations to chance, or you can actively manage them.

How it works

Stakeholder management, done right, is a pillar of project excellence. Here are ways to manage your stakeholders' expectations:

  1. Make a Stakeholder Register, containing the names, authority and expectations regarding your project. This is a fluid document, since new stakeholders may come out of the woodwork at any time.
  2. Contact each stakeholder, to learn their expectations. Record their expectations in the Stakeholder Register.
  3. Decide if it is appropriate to include each stakeholder's expectations into the project, without changing the project's Scope of Work.
  4. Let each stakeholder know which of their expectations will be met with your current project, and which expectations will have to be considered for future projects. 

Outcome: Project Excellence

You will have an army of satisfied stakeholders. They will support your project work. 

what's next?

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