Project Excellence Tip #2 - Built it Up by Breaking it Down

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Your vision statement worked

In Tip #1, you learned how to make a grand vision statement. It attracts support from your sponsor, your customer, your stakeholders and your project team members.

Your challenge: how to achieve your vision

You aren't sure what to do, to achieve that vision. Most people just want to start to work on the finished product. They think that hard work, by itself, is the answer. That's how so many projects get off track.

Plan for excellence, by breaking it down

It's easier to manage building the components, than to manage building the finished product.

Break it down into its components, its sub-assemblies. Complete each sub-assembly. Connect them together, and you realize you've built the finished product. Less chaos. Less waste. Better results.

how it works

  1. Examine the finished product, the Deliverable of your project.
  2. Break the Deliverable down to subassemblies. Keep going until you reach the smallest subassembly. 
  3. Estimate the materials, labor, subcontracted work and time necessary to build each subassembly. Now you know the Scope, Time and Cost of your project. You will use that information to develop your project's budget and schedule.


You have the basic information you need for project excellence:

  1. The scope of work for your Deliverable.
  2. The cost to build you Deliverable.
  3. The schedule needed to build the Deliverable.

You have the foundation of project excellence.

What's Next?

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