Project Excellence Tip #2 - Certification Makes You More Valuable

Be the MVPM: Most Valuable Project Manager

Be the MVPM: Most Valuable Project Manager

the “go-to” project manager gets the best opportunities

Among good project managers, the credentialed ones get the best opportunities. Those opportunities lead to faster advancement, and to the salaries that come with advancement.

The best opportunities, faster advancement and higher income go to PMPs first.

why employers value your PMP certification

Imagine that you are the hiring manager. You don’t know much about project management, but you want the best candidate to fill a project management position. You want the candidate who has been trained and certified in the best practices of the project management profession.

Who will you consider first? The candidate with training and credentials. You will interview the PMPs first. It’s the best indication that the candidate will manage successful projects.

why customers value your pmp certification

Imagine you are a vendor, and you’re offering products and services to a customer. What standard will your customer use, to ensure that you deliver the best products and services? The PMP, of course. Your customer may require PMP certification in their purchase agreement.

how to earn pmp

It takes study and practice, but it’s well worth your effort.

  1. Complete 35 contact hours of project management training. My PMP exam prep boot camp meets this requirement.

  2. Gather your project experience. I have a simple spreadsheet to help you.

  3. Complete your exam application on the Project Management Institute website.

  4. Take several practice exams. The rule of thumb is that when you score 80% or more, at least three times in a row, you are ready to sit for your PMP certification exam.


Your PMP certification will open doors that are closed to you today.


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