Project Excellence Tip #1 - Start with a Vision

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Be the go-to project manager

As a project manager, sponsor or team member, you want a smooth-running, successful project. You want your project to meet the scope, schedule and budget that was written into the project charter.

you may hit a wall

Here are three factors that can get in your way:

  • No one knows why the project is being conducted. To them, it's just "work." 
  • During planning and execution, staying on track is difficult, because "on track" was never defined.
  • Since no one has their heart in their work, productivity is lower.

That's one reason why only 1/3 of the projects in the world succeed.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I've been there, and I'll Show You the Way

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How It Works

Step 1: Create a grand vision statement

Example: "In six months, our project will deliver a prototype manufacturing robot that will wow our customers and horrify our competitors. We will use this prototype for the design of the next generation of industrial robots. With it, we will lead the world."

Step 2: share your grand vision, and invite others to join on the quest

Describe your grand vision to the sponsor, the project team members, and stakeholders. Point out that the vision is physically possible, by it is so huge that it can only be achieved by everyone working together.

Step 3: Plan and execute your project with an eye on the grand vision

Make your plan, follow your plan and monitor its progress, all with an eye on the vision.

your outcome

You and your team members will find yourselves conducting the top 1/3 of all projects, the ones that succeed!

What's Next?

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