Project Excellence Tip #1 - Successful Projects Follow a Structure

Breaking down your work makes each task easier to manage. This is a Work Breakdown Structure diagram.

Breaking down your work makes each task easier to manage. This is a Work Breakdown Structure diagram.

We all want to complete a successful project

Everyone wants to complete the project, but our temptation is to jump right in and get to work, without carefully planning our work.

sometimes, we get in our own way

  • We don’t take time to get all of the requirements. That forces us to make mid-course corrections after our project is under way.

  • We don’t have a structured way to manage change, so we continually stop to change course. Our costs go up, the “definition of done” goes out the window, and we risk late delivery.

  • We have no way of handling uncertainty. When it happens, it drives dramatic changes in our project’s scope, schedule and cost.

your solution: your process toolbox

Step 1: create the project charter

  1. Write the business need that will be met by the project.

  2. Write a high-level description of the project’s deliverable.

  3. Write a rough estimate of the project’s cost.

  4. State the due date for the deliverable.

  5. State the “definition of done,” which will help at the project close.

  6. Leave room for signatures by the Sponsor, the Project Manager and other key stakeholders.

Step 2: determine the work to be done

  1. Perform a Work Breakdown Structure, like the illustration above.

  2. Identify the tasks that are predictable, and the tasks that contain unpredictability. Mark each type.

Step 3: reach into your process toolbox, and choose the right tool

  1. For predictable tasks, use traditional top-down (waterfall) processes.

  2. For unpredictable tasks, use Agile processes. They are built to handle uncertainty.

Congratulations! You just implemented Hybrid Project Management, the cutting edge in project thinking.

your outcome

You and your team members will find yourselves conducting the top 1/3 of all projects, the ones that succeed!

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