PMP Exam Prep Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice


Passing Your PMP® Exam is Within Your Reach

More advancement and income opportunities will be open to you as a PMP. 

There's Only One Problem...

If you don't practice enough, you'll have trouble with the real exam.

I've had couple of students who were shocked to learn they hadn't passed their PMP exams. When I began to ask questions, they admitted they had not taken enough 200-question simulated exams. Two students never completed a single practice exam. They thought that if they passed a few 20-question quizzes, they must be ready for the 200-question exam.

Not quite.

I'll Show you the Big Secrets about Passing Your Exam

After teaching students in three states since 2014, I have learned these keys to passing the PMP exam:

  1. The more you practice 200-question sample exams, the higher you score. Don't take a series of 20-question quizzes and think you're ready. Take the 200-question simulated exams, multiple times.
  2. When you can score 80% or more on three 200-question exams in a row, you should be ready for the real PMP or CAPM exam.

What's Next?

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