PMP Exam Prep Tip #2 - Wear Your PMI Hat

 PMI is a trademark of the Project Management Institute

PMI is a trademark of the Project Management Institute

Your PMP® Credential Can Make Your Career Richer

Your PMP credential can open new doors of opportunity for career advancement and income. 

Your work experience might not prepare you to pass the PMP exam

The exam questions and answers come primarily from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The way you currently conduct projects at work may be different from the practices described in the PMBOK.

If you answer the PMP exam questions based solely on your work experience, you could fail the exam.  

The Solution: Wear Your PMI Hat

You must answer the questions on your PMP exam the PMI way, not the work way. That is one of the biggest challenges that test-takers face. 

Just remember, when you are studying for your PMP exam, and taking your PMP exam, you must mentally put on your PMI hat, not your work hat.

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